Risk Advisory

Internal Controls Review

A sound internal control system facilitates corporate governance and helps improve operational efficiency.

We assist in evaluating internal control systems, systematically monitoring operational processes to ensure quality financial reporting and compliance. We also provide insights on your organization’s control processes and performance improvement opportunities.


Our services include

  • Implementation, documentation, evaluation, improvement and maintenance of internal control systems
  • Examining a wide range of internal control issues, including controls over financial reporting, business and compliance risks


Internal Auditing

Ideally, a robust, COSO-aligned internal audit framework should incorporate compliance, controls, risk management, and improve effectiveness on top of identifying potential problem and improvement areas.

Through innovative methods, advanced analytics, and our expertise, we help organizations transform their internal audit function. With a full range of outsourcing, co-sourcing, and technology, we help IA departments not only deliver assurance, but also advise on critical business issues and anticipate risks.


Our services include

  • Internal audit outsourcing and co-sourcing services
  • Setting up of internal audit function
  • Undertaking internal audit risk assessments
  • Risk function optimization


Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Implementation

A good system or standard operating procedure (SOP) is the key to keep operations under control and employees are consistently doing the right things.


Our services include

  • Diagnostic review of existing procedures with gap analysis and improvement suggestion
  • SOP Development
  • Roll-out and subsequent follow-up/review and testing


Other services include:

  • Sarbanes Oxley S404 Advisory/Implementation
  • FCPA and ABAC Review/Investigation Support



Forensic Services

We help clients understand and resolve business crisis, controversy, and transactions. We provide advisory solutions and help clients develop strategies to more effectively mitigate disruption naturally occurring from complex matters. Utilizing analytics and our highly-specialized forensic skills and investigative toolsets, we transform data and provide insights which clients need to resolve difficult problems that can also effectively strengthen compliance and risk programs.


When faced with legal issues, we have our Legal Services Director and her team who can help clients react more efficiently in an investigation or dispute cases.  We utilize our specialized skills, fraud analytics, and in-depth experience in different investigation, litigation, and dispute. And we can advise you how to help reduce the risk of future problems. 


Integrity & Compliance

Integrity is at the core of business.  We work with companies to design, assess and improve their compliance programs to ensure proper governance models for their organizations and prevent violations of regulations and laws. Many companies are looking to modernize their programs and leverage technology to deliver better insights and realize efficiencies. 


Forensics for M&A transactions

We assist clients in identifying and mitigating financial, operational and reputational risks in mergers and acquisition transactions. Our teams have deep experience in fraud investigation, due diligence and compliance matters.  We are also experienced in conducting in-depth risk analyses of bribery and corruption, restrictions on trade and export, related-party transactions, and conflicts of interest.  Our teams comprise local licensed CPAs and lawyers who can provide expert advice and opinions on accounting, financial and valuation matters in litigation and disputes.  We offer bespoke engagement professionals to meet your needs.


Expense Compliance Review

Risks always exist in Advertisement & Promotion (“A&P”) and Travel & Entertainment (“T&E”) expenditures, especially in pharmaceutical and medical device industry.

To provide increased comfort on the legitimacy and validity of expenditures as well as fraud prevention and detection.


Fraud Investigations 

We can help companies respond rapidly to instances of alleged fraud, bribery and other misconduct.


Special COVID-19 service offerings

Due to visa and travel restrictions, we can assign a personnel to second to the clients' business operation in China, for fraud investigation, compliance check, integrity due diligence, status update, and reporting to the Headquarters for concerned matters on clients' behalf.



Financial Advisory

With our dedicated specialists in financial advisory, we can bring our clients a combination of financial, business, tax, legal and operational insight to every deal.  We deliver industry and investment knowledge as we navigate the process with you.  No matter it is an acquisition, divestiture, or strategic alliance, in each case we make sure that our clients do not only complete the procedural requirements, but also get added value to their deals.


Corporate Finance Advisory

We have presence in both China and Japan and have extensive networks in ASEAN countries to advise clients in these areas.Using our local networks, we leverage our capabilities to assist in identifying and selecting the best opportunity for our client, be it a new partner, a new business or a new structure in China, Japan and ASEAN countries.  Our team work hand-in-hand with our client to arrive at the best deal on the table whilst ensuring timely delivery from idea conception to completion.


Our services include

  • Identification of targets
  • Preliminary due diligence
  • Deal structuring
  • Term sheet drafting and initial negotiation
  • Review of the relevant documents and agreements


Buy-Side Due Diligence

Our due diligence offers professional and fresh minds to analyse and validate all the financial, business, operational and strategic assumptions being made. It also uses historical trading performance to form a view of the future.


Our services include

  • Financial, tax, and legal due diligence
  • Commercial and market due diligence
  • Deal structuring advisory


Vendor Due Diligence and Financing Support Services

We assist the potential sellers or fund raising companies to show an in-depth report on their financial health to potential buyers. We will work along with the company management throughout the process, making sure that opportunities and issues are captured and the correct actions are taken.


We can help:

  • Provide vendors/fund raising companies with greater control over the sale process and to help secure a higher valuation for the business.
  • Provide buyers with greater certainty over the unique characteristics of the company's cash flow.
  • Help add credibility to the facts, figures and information provided in the sales memorandum.
  • Reduce the need for a buyer to spend too much effort on their own due diligence work as they will be able to rely on the vendor due diligence report.
  • Early identification of value critical issues and to see any remedial actions.


Our services include

  • Financial, tax, and legal due diligence
  • Financial modeling advisory
  • Indicative valuations
  • Pitching documents assistance


Valuation for Transactions

We provide in-depth advice to clients in their decision making from the perspectives on value as well as assistance in interpreting the impact on transaction structuring, deal making and risk management strategies.  We provide valuation services to entities for purposes related to dispute resolution and litigation, whether the situation giving rise to the controversy or the sources of the conflict or dispute are reasonably likely, pending, or active matters.


Business Valuation

We provide either valuation opinion or valuation consulting services on the target's aggregate business interests or business enterprises for the purpose of price negotiation.


Other Services Offering

  • Negotiation Support

  • Post Merger Integration

  • Other special investigations



Tax Advisory

Tax Compliance and Advisory

Tax laws and regulations are always confusing to foreign companies in each country, especially in China and Japan.

Lack of the local tax knowledge, different interpretations on the tax rules and regular changes in tax regulations have added the difficulties in making management decision.  SLG has a team of local licensed tax experts to assist our clients in solving various tax issues, and deal with the corresponding tax authorities in China and Japan.


Liquation Services

Tax liquidation review is a statutory requirement by local tax bureau.  We are familiar with the process and key points in tax liquidation and assist our clients to review their tax issues and apply for tax liquidation to local tax bureau in China and Japan.

Advisory Services