Why us but not other large practices?

Our Managemnt Team


are all well trained in large practices, such as Big4 professional firms, investment banks, private equities.  We know the play rules of professional services and always uphold our quality standards to exceed our clients' expectation.

Critical Thinking Mindset:

Is what we need to navigate in the dynamic business landscape in China and Japan.

Official Partner of AXA Partners China

Experienced in serving clients from Europe, Japan and the US


Our teams have served over hundreds of clients from Europe, Japan and the US.  We often act as their "watchdog" for their business and investment in China and Japan.

Pragmatic Approach


Flexibility also applies to our working approach.  We will not spend effort on meaningless works only for earning the fee but rather take a more pragmatic approach to provide business diagnosis and realistic solutions to our clients.  

Cross-cultural Team


Our Directors are based in Shanghai China, Taiwan China and Japan, so as our working team members.  We will always try to mobilize our staff to serve our clients.


Flexibility of Fee Structure


For complex projects, we can apply a more flexible fee structure to have an initial diagnostic assessment first.  We do not have the idea of "starting fee" as proposed by other large practices. 


Value for Money


is critical to the growth of our clients with us.  Without significant spending in advertising, marketing and overheads, we can always adopt a lower charging rates.  Our service quality is however not compromised.  

SLG Advisory is a team of seasoned business, financial and tax advisors to navigate your business operation in China and Japan